Festival Results 2017

Congratulations to all of the performers in the Music Festival and especially to the following 2017 award recipients:

Rose Bowl [trophy & $500 Scholarship]
Ballet Camrose, Love Oneself

Multi Talent [trophy & $300 Scholarship]
James Rostad

Canada 150 Award [trophy & $150 Scholarship]
Hallelujah, Jocelyn Olsen and Kristen Pearson

Canada 150 Finalists: Choir – Camrose Camerata, Speech – Hannah Taillieu, Dance – Hallelujah, Classroom Music – École des Fondateurs K-1, Community Music – Hawkins Family, Voice – Gracie Yelland, and Piano – Brittany Sych

CAPTA Piano Scholarship for Summer Study [$300]
Nicholas Ioanidis

Scholarships for Solo Performance [$150]
Sonja Rostad (Sr. Keyboard), Kailey Lobreau (Chamberlain Jr. Keyboard), Malia Pattullo (Dance), Keysha Swanson (Voice), Logan Lessmeister (Musical Theatre), Juanita Hohm (Instrumental), Hannah Taillieu (Speech Arts), Theresa Taillieu (Strings)

Prizes for Solo Performance [$75]:
Andrew Hohm (Sr. Keyboard), Abigail hein (Jr. Keyboard), Janaya Iverson (Dance), Gracie Yelland (Voice), Laken Biletski (Musical Theatre), Kassia Hohm (Instrumental), Charles McDonald (Speech Arts), Kiera Stang (Strings)

École Sifton Grade 6 Band (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Elementary School Band
École Charlie Killam Gr. 8 Band (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Junior High School Band
E.C.C.H.S Concert Band (Graham Green, Conductor) – Senior High School Band
École Charlie Killam School Jazz Ensemble (, Conductor)

Best Choral Speech – Sparling School Grade 3 (Ken Valgardson)
Best Classroom Music, grades K-3 – Jack Stuart School Grade 1 (Carol Glidden)
Best Classroom Music, grades 4-6 – Jack Stuart School Grade 5 (Carol Glidden)
Musical Theatre Large Group – About Time Productions Singers
Musical Theatre Small Group – Keysha Swanson & Amber Bonter
Choral Group, grades K-3 – Blessed Sacrament Elementary Choir (Amber Dales)
Choral Group, grades 10-12 – Chorazz! (Tom Spila)
Community Choir – Camrose Camerata (Joy-Anne Murphy)
Community Music – Camrose & District Community Band (Tom Spila)
Dance Large Group – Insanity (Ballet Camrose)
Dance Small Group – Volynsky Tanets (Camrose Veselka)
Instrumental Ensemble, grades 7-9 – Calvin and the Hobbes (Spila/Rusinak)

Dance – Ryan Good, Sadie Dereniuk, Sarah Booth, Liam Smith, Lacey Byce, Kristen Pearson, Jocelyn Olsen, Cassandra Olsen
Piano – Alexandra Kielman, Caleb Hawkins, Jenna Worton, Theresa Taillieu, Marta Hutchinson, Emma Hutchinson
Voice – Katherine Wilton, Monika Hemperger, Emma Durand, Wesley Joyce, Molly Schulmeister, Madeline Stenzel, Hannah Nichol, Keaton Mah, Kyra Gusdal, Emily Jackson,
Musical Theatre – Monika Hemperger, Chad Nichol, Keysha Swanson, Kyra Gusdal, Brady Hillman, Emily Jackson, Talia Dewalt
Community Vocal Solo – Jaiden Burnstad
Solo Speech – Hope Haugen, Sarah Taillieu, Theresa Taillieu
Instrumental, 15 years and under – Rachel Glidden
Instrumental, 16 years and over – Andrew Richards

Strings, 8 years and under – Hannah Taillieu
Strings, 10 years and under– Sarah Taillieu
Strings, 12 years and under – Elise Stang
Strings, 14 years and under– Danika Osterwalder

Strings, 16 years and under – Kaylee Lehman

Provincial Recommendations

Keysha Swanson – Music Composition – 16 & under
Hannah Nichol – 12 and under Musical Theatre
Oliver Elliott – 12 and under Classical Voice
Colden Palo – 16 and under Musical Theatre Ballad
Keaton Mah – Vocal Solo – Boys 16 & under
Keysha Swanson – Vocal Solo – Girls 16 & under (alternate: Kyra Gusdal)

Gracie Yelland – Vocal Solo – Senior (alternate: James Rostad)

Monika Hemperger – Musical Theatre Ballad 12 & under

Chad Nichol – Musical Theatre Uptempo 12 & under
Keysha Swanson – 16 & under Musical Theatre Ballad (alternate: Hannah Nichol)

Kyra Gusdal – Musical Theatre Uptempo 16 & under (alternate: Keysha Swanson)

James Rostad – Musical Theatre Ballad, Senior (alternate: Emily Jackson)

Logan Lessmeister – Musical Theatre Uptempo Senior (alternate Talia Dewalt)
Sonja Rostad – Piano Solo 16 & under

James Rostad – Speech Solo, Senior

Juanita Hohm – Brass Solo Senior (NB; Juanita was unable to attend as she won 1st place at Provincials last year and the rules state that a previous year’s winner may not compete the following year)
Chorazz! Chamber Choir (T. Spila, Conductor) – Sr. High School Choir
Camrose Camerata (J-A. Murphy, Conductor) – Provincial National Class of Choir (19 and over)

Provincial Winners

James Rostad – tied for 2nd place Speech Solo, Senior
Chorazz! – 1st place, Senior High School Choir (Tom Spila, Conductor)
Camrose Camerata – (Joy-Anne Murphy, Conductor) tied for 2nd place Choral, Senior