Festival Results 2015

Congratulations to all of the performers in the Music Festival and especially to the following 2015 award recipients:

Rose Bowl [trophy & $500 Scholarship]
Camrose Composite High School Concert Band (Tom Spila, conductor)

Multi Talent [trophy & $300 Scholarship]

Colden Palo

CAPTA Piano Scholarship for Summer Study [$300]
Emma Hutchinson

Betty Gaede Memorial Piano Prize [$75]
Jenna Nickel

Scholarships for Solo Performance [$150]
Chloe Axten (Sr. Keyboard), Cali Pacholek (Chamberlain Jr. Keyboard), Jocelyn Olsen (Dance), Andrea Benoit (Voice), Kendra Bell (Musical Theatre), Juanita Hohm (Instrumental), Beyata Hackborn (Speech Arts), Kailey Lobreau (Strings)

Prizes for Solo Performance [$75]:
Sarah Lobreau (Sr. Keyboard), Sonja Rostad (Jr. Keyboard), Jocelyn Olsen (Dance), Andrea Benoit (Voice), Beyata Hackborn (Musical Theatre), Juanita Hohm (Instrumental), Charles McDonald (Speech Arts), Chantel Ratté (Strings)

École Sifton Grade 5 Band (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Elementary School Band
Charlie Killam Gr. 8 Band (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Junior High School Band
New Sarepta Community HS Band (Catherine Farley, Conductor) – Senior High School Band
C.C.H.S Jazz Ensemble (Tom Spila, Conductor) – Stage Band
About Time Productions Singers – Musical Theatre Large Group

Beyata Hackborn and Ethan Snowden — Musical Theatre Small Group

Chorazz! (Tom Spila, Conductor) – Choral Group, Grades 10-12

Camrose Camerata (Joy-Anne Murphy, Conductor) – Community Choir
Blue Thistle – Community Music
Barrel of Monkeys (Ballet Camrose) – Dance Large Group

Amazing Grace (Ballet Camrose) — Dance Small Group
Charlie Killam Mixed Quartet (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Instrumental Ensemble, Grades 4-6
Charlie Killam (G7) Mixed Ensemble (Bob Bailey, Conductor) – Instrumental Ensemble, Grades 7-9
Juanita Hohm, Danielle McAfee and Stephanie Olson – Instrumental Ensemble, Grades 10-12


Dance – Madyson Pinksen, Jana Iverson, Victoria Watmough, Kristen Pearson, and Michaela Gibson
Piano – [Larkyn Belich and Kate Wilton (Tie)], [Katelynn Baska and Chad Nichol (Tie)], Gabriella Sexton, [Thaovy Nguyen and Marta Hutchinson (Tie)], [Vanessa Gratrix and Jana Schroeder (Tie)], and Hannah Anderson
Voice – [Monika Hempberger and Noah Van Hyfte (Tie)], Wesley Joyce, Keysha Swanson, [Donny Saddleback and Thomas Francis (Tie)], Sarena Badry, Elsye MacInnis, and Cassandra Olson

Musical Theatre – Monika Hempberger, Chad Nichol, Keysha Swanson, Tunde Hempberger, Kendra Bell, Luke Rostad, and Holly Chappell

Solo Speech, 16 years and under – Kate Sollid
Solo Speech, 17 years and over – Beyata Hackborn

Instrumental, 10 years and under – Justice Wollman
Instrumental, 12 years and under – Rachael Glidden
Instrumental, 14 years and under – Taylor Schultz
Instrumental, 16 years and under – Carson Hvenegaard
Instrumental, 18 years and under– AJ Wohlgemuth

Strings, 12 years and under — (Tied) Elise Stang and Kiera Stang

Strings, 13 years and over — Cameron Ratté

Provincial Recommendations

Emma Ratté — Violin Solo, 16 Years and under
Juanita Hohm — Brass Solo, 16 Years and under

Sonja Rostad — Piano Solo, Grades 5 & 6
Emma Hutchinson — Piano Solo Grades 7 & 8
Jennifer Thomas — Piano Solo Grades 9 & 10

Charles McDonald — Speech Solo, 16 Years and under
Colden Palo — Speech Solo, Senior
Camrose Camerata — Provincial National Choral 19 and over (Joy-Anne Murphy, conductor)

Chorazz! — Senior High School Choir

Keysha Swanson — Vocal Solo, Girls 12 & under (alternate: Madeline Stenzel)

Gracie Yelland — Vocal Solo, Girls 16 & under (alternate: Chantel Schultz)

Colden Palo — Vocal Solo, Senior

Keysha Swanson — Musical Theatre, Uptempo 12 & under (alternate: McKenna Rybalka)

Darian Yurkoski — Musical Theatre, Ballad 16 & under (alternate: Kendra Bell)

Colden Palo — Musical Theatre, Ballad, Senior (alternate: Beyata Hackborn)

Beyata Hackborn — Musical Theatre, Uptempo, Senior (alternate: Luke Rostad)

Provincial Winners

Darian Yurkoski – 1st place 16 & under Music Theatre Ballad
Colden Palo — Tied for 2nd place, Speech Solo, Senior

Charles McDonald — Tied for 2nd place, Speech Solo, 16 & under

Keysha Swanson — Tied for 2nd place, Girl’s Vocal Solo, 12 & under