Provincial Syllabus, Local Addenda, Dance Classes, Local Festival Rules

Participants of the Camrose & District Music Festival follow the Alberta Music Festival Association Syllabus (AFMFA). All participants should consult this source for most of the classes for the Camrose Festival.  Click on link below:

2018 AMFA Syllabus (Please click on this link for the AMFA Syllabus)



Click the local addenda link below for additional classes available for the Camrose Festival only.

Camrose Addenda addenda


If there is no class in the AFMFA syllabus, or in this addenda that fits your particular situation, you may contact the Festival Secretary (Nansee Hughes: ph 780-781-0342; email and request that a special class be created.

For dance classes and dance rules for the Camrose Festival, click on the dance class link below.

Dance Syllabus 2018



All participants of the Camrose & District Music Festival are governed by the local festival rules:

Festival Rules