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The annual Camrose & District Music Festival was first established in 1982 and was designed to promote music, speech arts, and dance by encouraging amateurs to participate and perform in a friendly, workshop-like environment, honing skills and leading towards further personal growth and excellence in the fine arts. One of the founders, Marlene Nepstad, was instrumental in getting it underway. The Lion’s Club in Camrose was involved right from the start, contributing the premiere trophy (and cash scholarship) of the festival, appropriately named the Lion’s Rose Bowl. This trophy continues to be awarded each year to the “most outstanding performance of the Festival” along with a $500 scholarship. In 1991 another major trophy was added – the Multi-Talent Award and $300 scholarship – to honour those few multi-faceted performers who give outstanding solo performances in three or more disciplines in the same year. This is awarded only if there is an eligible and worthy recipient. There are also many other trophies, scholarships, and prizes awarded each year throughout the disciplines of piano, voice, musical theatre, dance, speech arts, band, instrumental, strings, choral, and classroom music. The week-long festival culminates in a Grand Concert on the following Monday night at the Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre, at which the best and most interesting performances are showcased and the awards are given out.
Past Rose Bowl Winners  

1982 C.C.H.S. Concert Band (Tom Spila, Conductor)
1983 Katherine Skretting, Soprano
1984 Nathan Berg, Bass-Baritone
1985 Camrose Composite High School Men’s Trio
(Brian Dumont, Danny Olsen, Don Steinwandt)
1986 Nathan Berg, Bass-Baritone
1987 Siri Maddock (nee Olsen), Voice
1988 Jason Vantomme, Flute
1989 Camrose Ukrainian Veselka Dancers
1990 Jason Vantomme, Flute
1991 Charlene Brown, Soprano
1992 Chorazz! (Tom Spila, Conductor)
1993 Maya Rathnavalu, Violin
1994 “Bad Habits” (nun’s chorus from the Churchmice
production of “The Sound of Music”)
1995 Susan Ward, Piano
1996 Vaughn Roste, Speech Arts
1997 Camrose Composite High School Wind
Ensemble (Tom Spila, Conductor)
1998 Tova Olson, Piano
1999 Joel Harder, Piano
2000 EmBELLish (United Church Handbell Choir)
[Darryl Dewalt, Conductor]
2001 Dieneke Spronk (nee Van der Voort), Flute
2002 Camrose & District Community Band
(Tom Spila, Conductor)
2003 Messiah’s Daughters

         (Jane Kristenson, Conductor)
Charlie Killam Jr. High Jazz Ensemble
(Robert [Bob] Bailey, Conductor)
2005 Kaele Olson, Marimba
2006 Camrose Camerata (chorus)
(Joy-Anne Murphy, Conductor)
2007 Camrose & District Community Band
(Tom Spila, Conductor)
2008 Sheldon Weber, Piano
2009 Halley Bailey, Mezzo-Soprano
2010 Big Drum Percussion Ensemble
(Darren Salyn, Instructor)
2011 Victoria Carlson, Marimba
2012 Camrose & District Community Band
(Tom Spila, Conductor)
2013 Camrose Camerata (chorus)
(Joy-Anne Murphy, Conductor)
2014 Darian Yurkoski, Musical Theatre
2015 Camrose Comp Band (Tom Spila, Conductor)
2016 Colden Palo (Baritone)
2017 Ballet Camrose

2018 About Time Productions

Past Multi-Talent Award Winners

1991 Maya Rathnavalu (Flute, Piano, and Violin)
1992 Maya Rathnavalu (Flute, Violin, and Vocal)
1999 Fraser Harland (Piano, Speech, and Vocal)
2000 Brittany Bailey (Dance, Instrumental, Piano, Speech, and Vocal)
2002 Brittany Bailey
2003 Brittany Bailey
2004 PJ Bailey
2005 Halley Bailey
2006 PJ Bailey (Dance, Trumpet, and Vocal)
2008 PJ Bailey (Dance, Trumpet, and Vocal)
2009 PJ Bailey (Dance, Trumpet, and Vocal)
2014 Colden Palo (Piano, Speech, and Vocal)
2015 Colden Palo (Piano, Speech, and Vocal)
2017 James Rostad (Piano, Speech, and Vocal)

2018 Theresa Taillieu (Piano, Speech, and Violin)

If anyone has any information for the years 2002 through 2009, please contact me at katelynkelly493@gmail.com Thank you!